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During the very hectic week working alongside Old Sarum Tattoos Tattoo tent at Download Festival, we managed to find some time to have a film and chat to one of the many artists who was using a new Ghost Reaper Machine. 

We had the pleasure of floating around Rory Craig's work station before the public got their applications forms written out and jumped onto the tattoo beds. Rory, who is the owner and artist at No Love Lost Collective based in Hartlepool, was tattooing fellow tattoo tent artist, Daniel Taylor from Old No.8 Tattoo Studio based in Rotherham. With a few cartridge changes and about an hour of sitting under the needle, Daniel walked away from the bed with a lovely bit of script on his neck and Rory had a nice review for his new machine, read it here; 

"I’ve used the reaper pen on a few occasions now, few for black and grey pieces which it excels in the design of the pen allows me to have nice flowing control over it, as well as the ghost cartridges are brilliant to help with the soft shading as well as packing the black in, I've also used it for some lettering pieces and was surprised at how I could push the bigger needles as well with it using a 9 cartridge and a 3 and managed to get very nice clean crisp lines with the reaper pen, all in all great machine to use on the bigger pieces switching between the ghost cartridges."
- Rory Craig

You can view or purchase your new Ghost Reaper Machine in multiple colours; Aztec Gold, Hematic Red, Obsidian Black and Souless Silver. 

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