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Monthly Archives: September 2019

  1. Meeting Monny

    Winning three awards, yet, still experimenting a little with different designs, Monika Koch seems to be picking up a lot of exposure with her new style of colour realism and pop art, combining high contrasting colours and vibrant shades.
  2. Strictly Professionals Only.

    Tattoos can invite you into someone's story or they can be the symbol to hidden secrets. Supplying tattoo artists for over 25 years has provided us with quite some insight into the mind of an artist and how there is always progress in creativity and moulding your artistic craft. Tattoos and body art date back centuries and are at there peak in popularity today. With a new range of ink or cartridges coming out each week and clients coming in with new concept designs all the time, there's more to tattooing today then there ever was.