We at Starr Tattoo have donated a hamper of tattoo supplies to bulk up the prizes on offer in Liv Dodds Charity Raffle! After the success of last year's raffle, Liv has taken it upon herself to smash it again this year with the bigger challenge of raising £2,000. All of the details for the raffle are below for you to read about!


What’s the charity:
During the next few weeks I’ll be hosting a series of charity raffles raising funds and awareness for the charities Stonewall and Cancer Research U.K.

The cause:
These are two amazing charities doing incredible work to improve the lives of so many. Stonewall are a phenomenal charity working as an advocate and voice for many LGBTQ+ individuals and their rights. The second, and much deserving, charity chosen is Cancer Research U.K, a charity focused on researching and educating on such a terrible disease.

The aim:
The aim of the raffle is to raise as much awareness and money as possible for the two chosen charities, whilst also offering something back for it and bring some excitement to it, as well as bring some amazing people together as the last raffle did. I know myself I met some absolutely incredible and unbelievably generous people through the raffle, and heard some heartfelt stories. The closeness these raffles bring is a reward in itself and makes all the effort that goes into them so worth it.

How the last raffle went:
The last, and first of the charity raffles, went better than anyone expected, at one point actually exceeding the original ticket amount and raising over £1000 for the chosen charity. The charity chosen was Rape Crisis, due seeing an overwhelming amount of assault/abuse of power in the tattoo industry. The success of this raffle was completely breathtaking, and is why I’d like to make the charity raffles an annual event, each year benefiting a different charity.

What the money does:
The money raised will be spilt evenly between the two charities and will provide vital …. Stonewall are an amazing charity providing a voice for many LGBTQ+ individuals, as well as often safety. They actively fight for equal rights and laws for the lgbt community, as well as educating on it. Cancer research U.K. are a phenomenal charity focusing on learning more about prevention and diagnoses, as well as making cancer information available and accessible to the public. These are two absolutely incredible charities picked for the difference they make and outstanding work they do.

Details of raffle:
There will be several bundles, one of which being aimed exclusively at tattoo artists, which will all be raffled separately and dealt as entirely different bundles, with the proceeds being gathered and split evenly between the two bundles. Tickets will be £2 each, bough via PayPal, with no limit on the amount one person can purchase. There will be 50 tickets initially for sale unless there is a demand for more. A winner will be drawn once all tickets have sold via an online number picker. Whilst one bundle is raffled/up for sale the next bundle will be prepared so that they can run consecutively and smoothly.

Where to enter:
The ticket sales, and any raffle information, will all be available via my Instagram (@livdoddstattoo) and will be available for purchase using PayPal. There will be several feed posts as well as a highlights reel to refer to covering all things related. I can be contacted via Instagram or email (oliviadodds2001@gmail.com) also.