In tattooing today we see many different styles that are expressed for many different reasons. Clients today want more than just some realism or traditional flash, clients today want originality and uniqueness. It’s safe to say that the style called ‘Negatism’ coined and created by Wales based Tattoo Artist, Oliver Boots, is a rather unique style. Using black and grey with heavy contrasting whites and blacks, Oliver uses this style to express themes of mental health and he’s gathered a huge portfolio of this unique style, which you can check out on his Instagram page @oliver_l_boots

Ollie started tattooing around 7 years ago by renting a place at the back of a barbershop and tattooing friends for free to build on the skill. Fast forward all these years and Ollie is now co-owner and artist at Wellfield Road Tattoo Company based in Cardiff. His client waiting list is months and months in advance and the studio is, if not the best, one of the most top rated studios in the entire city of Cardiff. Ollie favours the black and grey route and can jump from blackwork to realism to portrait work, however his portfolio speaks more of the ‘Negatism’ style than anything else, and there's good reasons as to why. 

“Negatism is my way of representing the many different forms of mental illness as I understand them in an artistic metaphorical way. I work with my clients to help them interpret their own struggles with mental illness in an artistic way so they can either better communicate to others what they have gone through or continue to go through. It can also be a way for my clients to draw a line in the sand to mark their conscious decision to accept themselves and to make an effort to move forward in a positive way as best they can. Negatism is mental health awareness and healing for myself and others.”

“I don’t believe in the expression “master of nothing, apprentice of everything” I believe if you work hard enough and have enough passion you can master any and or all styles of tattooing, not to say that I have yet but I do have a few styles that I feel I am very competent at.”Oliver Boots

You can check out all of the ‘Negatism’ work on Ollie’s Instagram page. And on a side note we personally thank Ollie and Adam from Wellfield Road for their loyalty with Starr Tattoo and for the fantastic relation we have had together all these years!


Wrote by Dan Jordan, Starr Tattoo Supplies