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Empire White Wash 4 Stage Set 2oz

A consistent ink set that offers a smoother gray value finish without the need to add white to your normal greywash. The Whitewash produces a cooler tone and semi-opaque grey finish as opposed to using the Empire Greywash set.

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The whitewash system allows artists to achieve a smoother gray value with less effort. Many artists add a few drops of white into their graywash. This helps us get a more deliberate value without needing to build it up through layers. You can expect consistent ink that heals similar to a semi-opaque gray but goes into the skin like a graywash.

"A milky, semi-opaque graywash that came about when I used to add a couple drops of white to my caps of graywash. I’ve always liked the look of a cool toned, semi-opaque gray in the skin. I like to use the whitewash for value and graywash for transparent shadows. The whitewash is intended for artists who use a slower hand movement approach. In my technique, I generally stretch the skin evenly and glide my needle backwards only, making sure my depth is consistent and my hand always glides as if it was on ice. With this method, I get a smooth milky gray with almost no signs of redness". -Colt Brown, owner

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