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Phil Sims Walk in Tattoo 150 pages

A captivating collection of flash that celebrates the last 35 years of American tattoo culture through the work of a pioneer and one of the finest tattooists of the past century.

  • Classic tattoo shop flash designs from the Godfather of Tattooing.
  • A great resource as it includes every traditional design along with some of the most authentic Chicano-style Gangsta flash and beautiful retro western Japanese.
  • Popular imagery from the last 4 decades (in which tattoo art has undergone dramatic transformations) will inspire fashion designers, artists, curators, and illustrators alike.
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Phil Sims represents the essence of the American "street" tattoo, the vital and authentic core that remains eternal in its motifs and iconographic power. Walk in tattoos is a tribute to this vitality, to this art form, which withstands the test of time because it continually reflects the spirit of the times. The apparently simple yet profound images tell real stories that address love, pain, success, failure, life and death. Divided into topics, the book offers a broad overview of those real stories that Phil Sims put onto skin with unparalleled mastery. His artistic production covers a time period of nearly 40 years from the 1970s to the present.

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