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The Pro Team

House Studios and Artist Sponsorships

The STARR Pro Team is made up of some of the best tattoo artists from around the world. Each has thier own unique style and insane talent, and we are delighted to have them on board. 

Aswell as our amazing Pro Team, we also have many other international artists and studios flying the Starr flag high for us. Our Sponsored artists and studios are some of the best in the UK and travel throughout the world for conventions and touring. With help within conventions and discounted supplies, we aim to help our artists by providing online promotion where we can. 

To enquire about sponsorships with Starr, email 



Oddboy has been tattooing since 2005 and before that did body piercing for around 11 years. Since tattooing full time, and co-owning his own tattoo shop, he has gained big reputation for his incredible unique work in photo realism and portraits including pieces in the form of David Bowie, Thomas Shelby (Peaky Blinders) and Lemmy Kilmster.

Although by trade he is a Tattoo Artist, many have noted Oddboy’s brilliance in fine art, creating outstanding portraits of famous faces including Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and Marilyn Manson, some of which have been printed onto his own line of shirts, vests and canvases. From learning the disciplines of oil painting and blending his love of painting and tattooing, he has made his mark as one of the UK’s best and most unique artists.

Oddboy is an artist that’s liked to push the boundaries of what people see as beautiful and for that has won many awards in his time for his art and tattoo work. Even more so, he was named best UK artist both in 2009 and in 2012. When he's not at conventions, he works in his studio, Real Art Tattoo in Syston, Leicestershire.





Glenn Cuzen is an international multi-award winning Geometric Dotwork tattooist, based in Reading, Berkshire. His intricate pieces have landed him with multiple internationally renowned awards.

One of his more recognized pieces won 3 awards at the New York Tattoo Convention for ‘Best back piece’, ‘Best Original Idea’ and ‘Best Cover-up style’.  The masterpiece was a spiral geometric 3D illusion design tattooed from the nape to the lower back.

Prior to tattooing, Glenn worked in his own hair salon which he opened at age 19.  He gathered much popularity in the area for his style of cutting and intricate shave design before being spotted by tattoo artist Dave Flowers in 2005 who offered to teach him tattooing. Since then, his style has mixed with optical illusion and geometric patterns in the form of Samoan based designs and he’s now gathered a large following and popularity in the tattooing community.

As well as Glenn's international and published success with Geometric Dotwork he is also a fan of Japanese, Black and grey, Polynesian and Polka trash style tattooing.

His studio, Top Gun Tattoo, first opened its doors to the public in 2011 and has since become an extremely well-known and distinguished tattoo studio.






Originally from Poland, Max has been tattooing since 1999, during which time he has tattooed in Italy, Poland and now in the UK. Max is the owner and tattoo artist at NR Studio in Bristol, previously referred to as Southmead Tattoo Studio, since 2010. Max had been much focused on his ‘Realism’ style tattoos but gained interest in a new style he started doing called ‘Legolism’, where tattoo designs are combined with the ‘Lego blocks world’ and ‘Realism’. Some of Max’s popular Legolism pieces include a ‘Lego-Superman-Startrooper’, ‘Lego-Wolverine’ and ‘Lego-Deadpool’. Legolism designs are also done using his traditional tattooing effects such as blurring and alternative light.

Having developed his skills in tattooing and in different forms of painting and digital art as well, Max is known as one of the most experienced and travelled artists in the UK. From heading conventions and guest spots every month for the last couple of years, his hard work and dedication has giving him strong roots on “tattoo map”.

During his time, Max has won a lot of competitions for his pieces at conventions and he has been nominated Tattoo Artist Of The Year in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 by various tattoo related publishers. His hard work and dedication to the tattooing industry, combined with his passion to always learn and improve, has most certainly positioned him as one of the most experienced and skilled tattooists of the UK.






Hailing from the small island of Jersey, Ash Lewis is an award-winning tattoo artist specialising in realism and black and grey tattoos. Ash has gone on to craft his speciality of portrait and realism pieces by practising between learning the foundations of tattooing.

His desire to learn different styles and techniques while still learning has pushed him up the ranks in being one of the best in the business within the UK. Through inspiration of other tattoo artists, Ash has pushed his artwork capability and has been able to travel and tattoo in many different countries and conventions.

Ash has amassed quite a following on his Instagram account and consistently posts his best realism and portrait pieces on there for his fans and clients to view. He currently resides in his own studio located in St. Helens, Jersey.







In the last few years, Toni Moore has become one of the biggest rising tattoo artists in the UK. Having done artwork outside of her tattooing, Toni most certainly has the eye for art and has developed a very varied and unique style over the years, mixing together stylised realism and script work. Through her love for artwork, Toni has practised using different colours and styles to see what works best for her and her clients.

 In 2014 Toni set out to open her own tattoo shop called, Forever Bound tattoo studio. The studio was originally based in Clifton, but after consistent cliental, hard work and an extension of tattooists joining the team, Forever Bound Tattoo Studio moved to its new location in the city of Bristol. The appointment-only studio hosts a wealth of great resident artists and occasionally hosts regular guest artists. Toni has said that this studio is to be home, with future renovations to take place, she wants the studio to provide for the young talented artists working there.

 Toni has certainly grown as an artist in the industry, taking on more work and regularly working alongside more artists. She regularly posts her unique style of script work and stylised realism over on her Instagram page.




Mike Stockings began tattooing in 2010 and developed his talent mainly through self-teaching but his love for tattooing started after leaving school and seeing friends, in bands around him, getting tattooed. Seeing fresh tattoos being done and noticing this as a form of a career route in art lead him to become one of the most recognisable tattooists in the game today.

In his early years of tattooing Mike started by himself, crafting his own personal style over the years. After gaining enough experience he eventually opened his own private studio which he resides in to this day, Legacy Tattoo in Haverhill.

Mike’s instantly recognisable style of tattooing is a form of neotraditional, or as Mike put’s it, “A silly version of neotraditional.” His awesome blends of vibrant colours and detail certainly puts his tattoos in the top bracket for design work and is the reason why he usually has such a long waiting list of people travelling the country to get a Mike Stockings tattoo. 

Mike has future plans to do more travelling and hit more tattoo conventions. Mike and his extremely recognised tatoo work can be followed on his very popular Instagram account.




Jimmy Scribble has been tattooing for around 5 years now and has made quite a name for himself through his very popular script and lettering tattoos. Lettering tattoos is Jimmy's favourite and most preferred style and is the reason why he always has a waiting list. His lettering style tattoos has won him 3 awards in the past including; 2nd place for best of show in Tattcon Blackpool, 1st place best avant guarde at York Tattoo Convention and also 1st for anything goes at Bradford Tattoo Convention.

The foundation of Jimmy's tattooing career was built during an apprenticeship he had with a local tattoo studio close to where he lived at the time. He learnt how to speak to clients and how the tattooing world worked. From then on, he was hooked on tattooing and began to seek out more knowledge. 

Jimmy currently works out of his own private studio in Leeds, which was opened beginning of 2018. His studio which he likes to call 'home away from home' has clients travelling to it from all over the UK.

Jimmy aims to push his work further and to grow his audience, with the possibility to open a bigger studio in future. His outstanding lettering work is regularly posted on his Instagram, Facebook and YouTube pages. 





The multi award winning artist and owner of Sorry Mum Studio in Manchester, Jonny Firth, is always moving forward with his style of black and grey realism work, covering anything from portrait pieces, animals, famous faces and even Jack Daniels!

He first started tattooing when he was 21 and his style of tattooing and reputation has been ever-growing since then.

“I’ve always loved tattoos; my Grandad was the only one in the family with tattoos and I always looked up to him. So, to do it as a job was always the dream.”

Jonny has been tattooing for the past 9 years and has amassed a collection of 14 awards in total, including multiple best-in-show awards. He started doing conventions last year will no doubt be returning to do convention work in future.

With such a talent covering so many areas of black and grey tattooing, Jonny’s goal for any day is to get better than the previous day. Keep up with Jonny’s amazing black and grey realism work on his Instagram page.