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Silverback 6-666 Dark Greywash 3 Bottle 1oz Set

Silverback 6-666 Dark Greywash 3 Bottle 1oz Set


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Product Code: C35DS

Another great grey wash series from the maker of Silverback Ink, Randy Scott Howell. This set contains three perfectly mixed shades: 6, 66 and 666. Still made with the same quality ingredients. 100% Vegan. Silverback Ink's 6-666 greywash series is a darker version of their previous, and very well established XXX greywash series.

All Silverback greywashes offer a consistent colour, providing an evenly distributed application throughout the tattooing process. The true colour of Silverback inks are also reflected when healed on skin, taking the guesswork out of tattooing.

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