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Sknworks Tattoo Aftercare 100ml

Offer your clients the best in aftercare with new Sknworks Aftercare. Sknworks have developed their aftercare product with a unique formula which creates the ideal environment for your skin to heal naturally by mimicking the body’s natural immune system. Protect and cool your new tattoo with this fast recovery aftercare product from Sknworks.

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How this works: The unique high purity hypochlorous in Sknworks Tattoo Aftercare mimics the body’s natural immune system. Its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties cleanse the skin, reduce the appearance of redness and irritation whilst cooling and calming the skin. It provides the perfect conditions for your skin and tattoo to recover rapidly.

How Sknworks Aftercare is used: Your artist used Sknworks Tattoo Assist throughout the tattoo process. Now, you can use Sknworks Tattoo Aftercare at home to protect and soothe your new tattoo, whilst helping your skin to recover faster.

We advise that Sknworks Tattoo Aftercare is only applied after the tattoo has been washed with antibacterial soap to remove any surface residue or previous products. Once the tattoo is dry, lightly mist the tattooed area and with clean hands gently smooth over and cover all your tattoo. Allow the area to dry completely, then you are free to apply a pea sized amount of moisturiser to the area. Remember a small amount of moisturiser goes a long way! Repeat this process 2-3 times daily until the tattoo has fully healed.

It is always advised that clients take recommended aftercare advice and instructions from their tattoo artist.

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